The ATD that meets the FAA requirements for Basic Aviation Training Device. For those not needing an ATD but looking for a professional equipment.

Flight Panel. Single seat. General Aviation. Single engine.
SOLO PRO is the same flight panel Virtual-Fly includes in its SOLO Station PRO simulator which is produced to meet and exceed F.A.A. requirements for Basic Aviation Training Device level.

SOLO PRO is the solution for those people and businesses who want to enjoy the realism, technology and capabilities of a professional flight training equipment when logging hours on the pilot´s book is not required.

This product is also part of a Basic Aviation Training Device certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.).

Minimum requirements:
Computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator installed, suitable for versions FS2004 (9), FSX (10) and Prepar3D, with conventional network data input. RJ45 (LAN).
Power outlet 110–230 VAC, 50–60 Hz.

Recommendable requirements:
Flight controls: 1 Yoke + 1 complete set (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture) and 1 set of rudder pedals.
Power outlet 110–230 VAC, 50–60 Hz.

Other specifications:
Transport not included. Applicable fees or duties not included.

FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D v1 v2 v3.

Product Dimensions:
49cm. (Height) X 23cm. (Length) X 85cm. (Width)
Weight: 25Kg.


Lights panel: Beacon, Landing Taxi, Nav., Strobe.

Indicators: IAS, attitude, altimeter, turn coordinator, Gyro-directional, HIS, climb rate, VOR1, VOR 2, ADF, engine parameters, fuel level, compass. Backlight information panel, flaps position, elevator and rudder trim position, clock / chronometer.

Radiostack: audiopanel, marker lights, automatic pilot (with Flight Director), comm1, comm2, nav1, nav2, DME, ADF with decimals, transponder.

Ignition panel: 5 positions ignition key (off, R, L, both, start), alternator, battery, master avionics.

Switches: parking brake, flaps control, elevator trim wheel, fuel tank selector, cowl flaps, fuel pump, Pitot heat, carburetor heat, landing gear lever: with one red light for “In Trans” and three green lights for “Gear Down & Locked”.


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