Full Motion Flight Simulators

Get the most compact full motion flight simulator solution. Motion up your passion.

Learn from the right partner. A scalable flight simulator that grows up with your flight school. Our star Full Motion Flight Simulator comes with different cockpit configurations. Check it out!

Motion Cabin. Twin seat. General Aviation. Single & Twin engine. Cost-effective glass cockpit training.

This flight simulator comes with the full panel of a Beechcraft B58 although it can also be prepared for other single and twin GA airplanes under request.

A static flight panel that becomes full motion and enclosed cabin depending on the number of Student-Pilots and budget of your flight school.

Also sold separately for scalable businesses.

Virtual-Fly made this flight simulator thinking in flight schools who want to invest their budgets on a scalable asset.

Flight training center can buy the DUOFlightPanel first and later upgrade it with the ONTOP motion platform and the cabin.

This flight simulator allows our customer to receive it in separated groups (platform, flight panel, visuals) and assemble it on the simulation room.

You can use a button on the Garmin G1000 simulator panel to swap and select any of these airplane models to fly:

– Cessna C172
– Cessna C182 RG
– Mooney Bravo (M20J)
– Baron B58

Request Information

• Two-seater Full Motion simulator with 2 movement axes.
• 3 or 5 32″ panoramic monitors for landscapes with an angle of vision of 135º or 225º.
• Interior console fitted with panic button, warning lights for movements and malfunctions.
• Ventilation system for the pilot with adjustable air flow.
• Adjustable pedals and seat in line with pilot’s height.
• Aeronautic interior cabin finish.
• Simulation software: FSX or Prepar3D.

• Truly real flight sensations due to 100% immersion offered by the enclosed cabin.

• Flight controls of the YOKO, TQ and RUDDO series, to exert the same stress as in real aircraft.

• All movement mechanisms are hidden making the simulators totally safe in public places.

• Compact simulators that do not require extra installation or start-up tasks.

• Realistic sensation of pitching, yawing, skidding, acceleration, braking, wind turbulence, runway irregularities, engine start-up, touchdown…

• Two-seater simulator deal for flight schools given that instructors can fly with their students or control the device from the instruction station.

• Includes internet connection for remote assistance scenarios aimed at simulator diagnosis.

High levels of energy efficiency. Operates with any 230 V socket.

Incorporated Security Measures:
Emergency shutdown button for the interior cabin accessible from the outside.
Interior ventilation system in the cabin.
Two bucket-type seats that do not require a seatbelt.

Technical Data:
Power Supply: 230 VAC
Nominal intensity at 230 VAC: 2.0 amp
Pitching and yawing angle: -20° <-> +20°
Pitching and yawing speed: 20º/s.
Weight (with cabin): 700Kg.
Weight (without cabin): 600Kg.
Dimensions (with cabin & skirts): 2.4m. (Width) X 3.1m. (Length) X 2.2m. (Height)
Payload: 250Kg.

Instruments & Equipment:
2 X Yoke: YOKO made with aluminum and 144mm. of travelling on push-pull pitch axis.
2 X Rudder Pedals: RUDDO Pedals with load cells on its differential brakes.
Throttle Controls TQ3: double throttle, propeller and mixture.
Lights Panel: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav., Strobe and Recogn. Panel lights.
Fuel panel: fuel tank selector left engine: off, left, both, left aux., left main and right main. Fuel tank selector right engine: off, right, both, right aux., left main, right main.
Ignition panel: master alternator for left and right engine, master battery, master avionics, five positions ignition key for left and right engine.
Switches: stby. vac., alt. static air, fuel pump for left and right engine, pitot heat, prop sync., cowl flaps for left and right engine, flaps switch, parking break, clock timer, speed brake, carburetor heat for left & right engine.
Indicators: airspeed, attitude, QNH, VOR1, Gyro/HSI, heading, VOR2, ADF, engine, temperature and pressure parameters.
Radiostack: audio panel, autopilot, comm1, comm2, nav1, nav2, DME, ADF, Transponder.
Other: elevator, rudder and aileron trim compensator wheels, landing gear lever. Switch for motion selection (On/Off), emergency stop and motion lights. Audio & ventilation control.

Technical Requirements:
Domestic power outlet 230 VAC with ground socket. 30 mA domestic differential switch.
Levelled floor (the support surface of the simulator on the ground is 2.4m. (Width) X 3.1m. (Length).
For its proper placement, an enclosed perimeter of 4m. (Width) X 4m. (Length) + 2.65m. (Height).
Dry and clean premises (not suitable for use outdoors).
Access door measuring 2.3m. (Width) X 2.3m. (Height).

Other specifications:
Transport not included. Applicable fees or duties not included.

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