SOLO Flight Panel Black Edition



The sky inside your house. GA flight panel for the analogue cockpit aviators

Flight Panel. Single seat. General Aviation. Single engine.

SOLOFlightPanel “Black Edition” displays the same technology, benefits, reliability, durability and realism that the original SOLOFlightPanel.

The only difference is that we paint it in Matt black.

Therefore, SOLOFlightPanel “Black Edition” comes ready to fly 3 different airplanes: Cessna C172, C182RG and Mooney M20J.

Besides, there is a fourth generic display with no colors and specific indications on IAS, temperatures and pressures so you can fly any airplane in FSX o P3D.

Minimum requirements:
Computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator installed, suitable for versions FS2004 (9), FSX (10) and Prepar3D, with conventional network data input. RJ45 (LAN).
Power outlet 110–230 VAC, 50– 60 Hz.

Recommendable requirements:
Flight controls: 1 Yoke + 1 complete set (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture) and 1 set of rudder pedals.

Other specifications:
Transport not included. Applicable fees or duties not included.

FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D v1 v2 v3

Product Dimensions
Weight: 25Kg.
Sizing: 49cm. (Height) X 23cm. (Length) X 85cm. (Width)
Indicators: IAS, attitude, altimeter, VOR1/RMI, turn coordinator, Gyro / HSI, climb rate, VOR2, manifold / fuel pressure, fuel tank left & right, EGT/CHT, RPM, ADF; elevator and rudder trim position, flaps position, OAT/clock, oil temperature and pressure, VAC/Amps, backlight information panel, compass.
Radio Stack: audio panel, autopilot, comm1, comm2, nav1, nav2, DME, ADF, Transponder.
Ignition panel: master avionics, alternator, battery, ignition key with 5 positions (off, R, L, both, start).
Switches: Pitot heat, fuel boost pump, landing gear lever.


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