SOLO Airliner


The sky inside your house

Flight Panel. Single seat. General & Commercial Aviation. Single & Twin engine. A tactile flight panel designed to let ATPL Student-Pilots evolve on their flight training at home. Single & twin engine GA, Turbo-Prop & Turbo-Fan, all in the same flight panel simulator. As easy as selecting the desired cockpit display from the tactile screen menu. ATPL Student-Pilots can now complete their flight training lessons by practicing at home with all 3 regular categories of airplanes flown during their flight license lessons. No matter if they are single or twin engine. Simulated airplanes: Cessna 172, Cessna 182 RG, Mooney Bravo M20J, Baron B58, Boeing 737 and generic panels for single & twin engine on GA and turbo-prop airplanes.

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