Tim I.
Bend, OR
I bought a Jetline Systems computer in 2010. It has been the best computer I have ever bought, period. I decided to call Jetline Systems to see about possibly getting a new computer because mine was about 5 years old. I'm not sure who I spoke with but every question I had was answered and the suggestion was to hold off for a while still and just re-install windows. This would help get my current computer running great again. Instead of Jetline trying to sell me a computer, which would benefit them, they encouraged me to wait. AMAZING! Then when I realized I lost my copy of my windows 7 install disc I contacted Jetline Systems again. They answered my e-mail quickly and in one day Greg had a copy of my windows operating system being sent to me, which saved me more money. This company is FANTASTIC!. They make amazing flight sim computers and there customer service is the BEST I HAVE SEEN!! When I do by a new computer it will be from Jetline Systems.