Skip P.
Appleton, WI
What can I say that has not already been said about this great company? The many positive, "glowing" upbeat accolades speak volumes about how really fantastic this company produces its products and performs its day to day operations. But it does not end there, because the most important part of any offered product is not just the guidance to choose the right goods but then to support them after the sale … and on this point this company excels as well! My lack of knowledge on the technical side of computing systems and my limited skills in that field caused me to be very suspicious and quite careful as I tried to decide on a company that was going to meet my needs for a computer that would "blow me away" and be able to (after so many years of the "love / hate" frustrations with FSX) "turn things up" to the maximum and add some supplementary software to improve my FSX experience. Let me tell you that Jetline Systems did just that!From the first moment my Jetline Systems virtual world was "turned on," so was I. Awesome, incredible, and amazing things started happening that I never saw previously (or thought possible) … i.e., even swarms of sea gulls took to flight as I lifted off the ground at TNCM in the Agusta Westland EH101 to head to the nearby cruise ship helipad … I had NEVER seen such realism before!  To say that my expectations were satisfied would be understated because my expectations were definitely beyond what I anticipated and I have continued to be extremely pleased ever since the Jetline System became part of my flight deck. I have waited three months (on purpose) to write this testimonial because I wanted to see if all would be trouble free and run smoothly over time. I can tell you that the best part of my decision to choose Jetline Systems is that they have fabricated a smooth running, trouble free system for me. I know they do have knowledgeable, available, and efficient support; however, to be quite honest, I have only contacted them on two occasions for minor assistance because EVERYTHING is running smoothly as promised (now how often does that happen?). Bottom line: I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants FSX to truly become, as Microsoft stated: "As real as it gets"… Jetline Systems has met and exceeded my expectations! Sidebar: My longtime virtual flying buddy who IS computer literate, very skilled (who has ALWAYS built or modified his flight simulation computers), and it was he who recommended Jetline Systems to me (after reading about them in an advertisement) said just recently, he will no longer be building flight simulation computers anymore because he is so pleased flying with me (or alone) using my Jetline Systems Computer. He will be ordering one when he can and let the experts at Jetline Systems do their "magic" for him … Jetline Systems has definitely exceeded his expectations as well.