Ryan M.
The Bahamas
Boy oh Boy, I couldn't wait to write this testimonial mainly because it was the testimonials of other customers on this site that finalized my decision on buying a computer from Jetline Systems. First of all let me thank Ken for his support through the whole process. Customer service is lacking in so many places but GREAT customer service is extremely hard to find that's what i found at Jetline Systems. Now lets get right down to it! The computer, first of all it was built right then and there. Just 2 hours after my payment i received notice from Ken that it was build and the bench testing had began. Just like they say they bench test it, break your simulator in (Unfortunately) lol by doing hours of flights for stability reasons. After about 3-4 days of bench testing and sim testing Ken sent another email that it was ready to ship! I received my PC in west palm beach Florida where it got there in less than 24 hrs. I brought my PC home opened the box and WOW. That's all i can say, firstly the CPU itself is extremely neat, beautiful casing and another box had all my flightsim cd's and CPU odds and ends neatly together. When i turned it on it was super fast, 500GB SSD is for real! Solid State Drive is a must for Flightsim, but when i loaded up fsx for the first time it came up in the blink of an eye, especially because there is no addons on it. Loaded it up to an airport completely unrealistic! The ammount of framerates i got was OFF THE CHART!!! 300fps easy. Then reality hit to start the addons process. Well i must say i have every FSDreamteam Addon most taxi2gate addon and alot of the other big addons like the biggest concern for me with my old computer was the UK2000 Heathrow V3 which haunted me with Out Of Memory Errors! Well im here to report that every "ADDON" scenery in Fsx gives me a whopping 35-50 FPS the lowest frames ive seen is in heathrow which got down to 22FPS but my traffic is at 100%!!!! i love to see planes flying around and i wasnt going to cut myself short. That was the biggest test for me Ive flown 14 hr flights to and from MIA-DOH in PMDG 777 with no issues at all!!! Im not going to tell you i recommend JetLine Systems for your flightsim needs, IM TELLING YOU get a Jetline System and watch your FS dreams come to life with ZERO LAGS! A BIG thank you to Ken and his team for another happy client! Oh and by the way if your thinking like me about building your own cpu for cheaper. THINK AGAIN now i dont have to go looking for tweaks and forums to tweak fsx. ITS ALL DONE!!! I just sit back V1 ROTATE V2 and on my way.... So long tweak city it was nice knowing ya. Get a Jetline System today and they will work with you regardless of budget! For Simmers and Pilots like myself alike get a JetLine System today, Dont Delay!!