Larry L.
Chicago, IL
I have now had 3 computers for Flight simming. I started with an Alienware desktop. It was decent, but not fast enough. I then spent $5K and had one hand built with 2 Nvidia 1080's. It was good... but I was looking for great. The problem with this pc was it wasn't built specifically for flight sim. The reason I need such a high end machine is that I sim in Virtual Reality exclusively. I have no interest in simming without my Oculus Rift. If you haven't tried it... you are missing out. So I called Greg at Jetline and told them what I was looking for. Greg built me a custom build that was actually cheaper than my last pc. And the results were unbelievable. I have much higher frame rates and very smooth flying in highly concentrated areas. Just yesterday I was trying to land a small cessna in Humboldt County. It was nightime, pouring rain, loud as hell thunder (spatial audio) and the plane was blowing all over the place. The visuals were so good, I really couldn't believe it. That landing was one of the most immersive experiences I had ever had. This wouldn't have happened without Jetline and Greg building me a machine that was made to fly in VR. If that's what you want to do, call them now!!! If you want a machine that is made for flight simming, they are the only place!