John A.
Alberta, Canada
I started flight simming when FSX came out. My Core 2 Duo 2.66, 4MB RAM, and Radeon X1650 handled FSX moderately well but once I began buying add-ons things went down hill. I just couldn't resist some of the great aircraft from A2A Accu Sim, PMDG, Captain Sim, and Coronado. Also got hooked on the amazing scenery coming from Orbx. By then my system was really struggling and the flight simming experience was becoming very frustrating. I don't enjoy computers per se, just the fun things they can do, so choosing components and building my own rig was not an option. Using the interactive system design process on their website, with advice and answers from Ken, I settled on a variation of their HellFire GTO. Jetline built and tested my rig (including several hours of FSX flight testing) very quickly and shipped it to my home in Alberta, Canada. Their packaging was extremely well done and included custom made styrofoam blocking inside a heavy duty shipping box. The system performed well for a couple of weeks, at which time a motherboard problem caused significant performance degradation. This had the potential for serious angst and aggravation. To my great relief, Jetline (Ken) did a great job of diagnosing the problem. They immediately shipped a replacement board and paid for it's installation by a local tech company. This process involved a number of emails and phone calls to and from Ken. His response was always fast and he was able to resolve issues quickly in spite of my very limited understanding of the technology. In my opinion, this no excuses, lets make it right type of service puts Jetline head and shoulders above the industry average. My Jetline rig has been performing faultlessly for over five months and I am enjoying flight simming more than I ever imagined possible. I have over 40 add-ons installed and I am running most of these with the display setting sliders fully to the right except autogen at very dense. Doesn't get much better than this! You can tell that I'm a very happy customer and I have no hesitation in recommending Jetline if you want the best custom made flight sim rig out there and the best customer service to go with it. As a final comment - under the cold hard eye of the Better Business Bureau, Jetline has an A rating and zero complaints registered.