Jim L.
Clermont, FL
Before I purchased this system I called Jetline and they kindly arranged for me to see a demo of FSX running on one of their machines. I was very impressed with the performance. I also met two very knowledgeable and nice guys, Greg and Ken, who patiently answered all my questions and assured me that the computer they would build for me would not disappoint me. With the i7 2600K, EVGA GTX 560 Ti, and 8GB of 1866 memory it runs FSX with UTX, GEXNA, FEX and many add-ons with ease. I fly a lot over New York City and vicinity with the frames locked at 30, and landing at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Intl, it bottoms out at 25- 26. The graphics are smooth and crisp. I could not be more satisfied with this computer, and I am confident that should I ever need support Greg and Ken will also not disappoint. These two guys love what they do, who could be a better choice to build a computer for a flight simmer.