Jesse C.
San Antonio, Texas
This has been the most enjoyable and satisfying computer buying experience I have ever had. In fact, this went well beyond a computer purchase. Truly a pleasure to work with these guys. They are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about flight simulation and fun to talk with. If you are even considering a computer purchase for flight simulation, do yourself a favor and at least talk to them. They are very adept at guiding you through the process and the myriad decisions that will enhance your flight sim experience. And, do read all of the information on their web site. They deliver all of that and much more, nothing hidden “between the lines” in their statements. Greg Sanderson personally responded to my first email inquiry in only a few minutes. After giving him a basic idea of my plans we set up a convenient time for a phone call to discuss the details. He thoroughly and competently answered every one of my questions, offering very helpful suggestions and solutions. The conversation was never rushed and I was never put on hold. And. there was never a hint of any pressure. Greg customized a design to fit my specific needs, including features I hadn’t even anticipated needing and I received my computer and controls in a very timely manner. 4 days after hurricane Irma passed through their area they were on the phone with me providing support for custom set up of my TQ-6. In seconds they were remotely logged in to my system and walking me through the settings. And they seemed to genuinely enjoy providing the support. After more than a decade of tweaking FS9,FSX, computers and operating systems, I would have never thought that in less than 3 days after delivery I would have a very complete and smoothly running simulator; set up and running with all of my add ons installed (GEX, UTX, ASP4,…) and with settings to my preferences. But it was, and it was a very relaxed and enjoyable process. After a month I am still grinning and flying without worries of tweaking or about the system. I would definitely recommend Jetline and when the day comes for a new system I know I will be back here. I am a retired GA/Business/Corporate pilot who is passionate about aviation and staying current in my flying skills and knowledge. Simulator flying keeps me active and allows me to learn and practice new techniques and remain engaged with these pursuits. Thanks to Jetline I have more time for my passion with less time spent on managing software, settings and computers. Thanks Jetline.