Jerry J.
Snyder, TX
I have been using MS Flight Simulator for over 15 years. The problem since day one was finding a computer that would run the program smoothly and realistically. Having been a pilot, I want realism in the aircraft, textures and weather. A full overcast day generated by an add-on weather program can stop almost any computer system. I originally purchased off the shelf gaming computers only to be disappointed with their performance. I started building my own computers using the fastest products on the market. I spent a lot of money on high end video cards, dual SLI systems and 0 Raid setups with only average performance using MSFS. When FSX came available I tried it but put it away due to performance problems.I saw a Jetline ad and visited the website. After reading the Performance Guide, I understood why the systems I had built only performed marginally with MSFS. I ordered a system and have never been more satisfied with a computer. It runs FSX with all setting on ultra high using add-on aircraft and weather with no problem. I never thought a system could do this.The only thing better than the computer system, is the service. Ken and Greg spent the time to design a system that would meet my needs and within my budget. Every email and every phone call were answered immediately. Not very often do you find a company that does what they say, provides excellent service and provides a great product. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them if you want a true MSFS system.