Dwane M.
Boynton Beach, FL
This is the first review I have written for any product I've purchased over the years. In the last 7 or 8 years I've had 2 high end computers built to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. On both of them I spared no expense. What I found with both of them, it was not enough computer to run flight sim and my add-ons. So I decided to try one more company. I researched for weeks on the web and in flight sim magazines, I finally decided on Jetline Systems on the west coast of Florida (best move I've ever made). I talked to Greg one of the owners about the equipment I have (Precision Flight Control Cirrus II, Fly Engravity CDU and Aerosoft MCP) and could he build me a system that could run everything smoothly. His answer to me was let me research it before I give you an answer. If only the other 2 companies would have done the same thing. Greg got back to me in a day or two with his answer, not a problem. I know this wasn't an easy project by no means. I received the computer on the date as promised. After I got my computer home and started connecting the add-ons and installing software, I had a number of questions for Greg and his partner Ken (back in his college days Ken must have been the whiz kid with computers).There was not one of my questions or problems I had that Ken could not answer and help me fix. Just the support after receiving my computer was nothing like I've seen before. I think the company slogan should be seeing is believing. Thank you Greg and Ken.