Illinois, USA
I have been an avid flight simulation enthusiast since 1985. I still have my MSFS ver 2 user manual with me. Back in 1999 I started building out my 737 simulator. I am in my third generation of the appliance today with a 14 foot diameter widescreen, triple projection system, image warping, with 90% of the systems modeled and enhanced haptics and feedback control. I had persisted with FS9 because my earlier attempts at FSX had resulted in less than a satisfying experience. I called Jetline in the third week of May to inquire about my need. I spoke with Ken McElheran. It was a conversation that I will remember for a while. It was more about my need and what I wanted to do with the PC than Jetline wanting to make the sale quickly. I got a quote from Ken the very next hour. I took a week or so to make up my mind on what configuration I needed and finally the PC arrived last week. All of us have experienced deterioration of the notion of customer service over the past decade. I strongly feel that knowledge and experience have disappeared from our environment. Even more importantly, people with passion for what they do, have become a minority. In such circumstances, working with Jetline has been a breath of fresh air. The experience did not end with the making the sale. A day after the PC arrived, I did call back in with a question, after I had spent a full day setting it up with my software and hardware ecosystem. Ken demonstrated the same zeal, perhaps even more, to help out with my question. We setup some time that afternoon to speak about my questions. During that session, Jetline's model of remote support was very handy. He not only spent time looking at and fixing the issue, but took the time to explain the context. In that session, after answering my questions, Ken took the initiative to look at my FSX settings and tweaked it for improved performance. The result - a flight simulation environment like I had never experienced before. 60 frames on average with the sliders turned up all the way; 30-35 frames in extremely heavy airports. I was absolutely reassured that I had made the right choice in choosing Jetline. I want to thank Ken for his help. I want to commend Jetline for their distinctive focus on specialized systems especially in a commodity market and, further, for committing themselves to customer service.