Chuck B.
Gurnee, IL
Count me on the list of very satisfied repeat customers. Approximately 5 years ago I contacted Jetline Systems. I wanted a computer that would finally run FSX to the max. After speaking with Greg and Ken, they shipped me a computer that ran FSX the best I personally had ever experienced. That computer was the best system I had ever owned. Approximately 2 years ago, I contacted Greg again, stated that I wanted to upgrade my computer. He made some suggestions. I sent the computer back to him and he returned it. With a new video card and other minor tweaks, the computer ran even better than before. Fast forward to a month ago. I like to get a new computer every 4/5 years just to keep up with new advances in hardware etc. Called Greg and Ken and they suggested another system that would get even more out of FSX and now P3D. After several phone calls where they patiently answered my questions and made suggestions, I ordered another system. I recently received it and have to say that once again, I couldn't be happier. My system came with a dual install of FSX and P3D. Greg warned me that one I tried P3D, I would never go back to FSX. He was absolutely right. Once I started flying P3D, I rarely go back to FSX. Add REX, Active Sky, Orbx FTX global I have never had a flight sim that looked or performed as good as it does on my new system. In summary, I cant think I've bought too many things in my life that made me as happy as the computers I've purchased from Jetline. Not only are the systems they put together outstanding, but their customer service is the best I have ever seen. They kept it going for the past 5 years. I hope they continue because when I need another computer, I'm going back to Jetline. Thank you Greg and Ken!!!!!!!!