Charles B.
Illinois, USA
I have been a flight simmer for a number of years and always searched but never found the system that would run FSX at it's maximum potential. I personally only have enough computer savvy to get in trouble so building my own system or tweaking one was out of the question. Needing a new system, I saw the Jetline advertisements and gave them a call. Over the course of a short time I spoke with both Greg and ken who were absolutely a pleasure to work with. I explained what I wanted and the budget I had to work with and they built me a system. It was delivered in a few weeks and it came installed with FSX, REX and Ground Environment. First time I fired it up I was in awe. I finally had a system that could run FSX with the sliders maxed out and absolutely no stuttering in the dense areas. With the add ons, it looked as good as it was going to get. I have now had my Jetline system for approximately 8 months and have had absolutely no problems with the system. It runs as good as the day I got it. I also contacted them about some problems i was having with a two year old computer that was replaced by the Jetline systems. Neither Greg or Ken had any issues helping with my older system. BTW, the older computer (2 years old and built for FSX by another on line company) had been nothing but problems since the day I got it and of all the systems I had owned was absolutely the worst computer I have ever owned and it wasn't cheap either.In summary, you get what you pay for. Jetline builds might be a little more expensive but you get a quality machine, built and tweaked specifically to run FSX at it's best not to mention excellent customer support. When the time comes for another system, I am going to Jetline first.