Capt Steve C. 727-100/200C
Glenolden, PA
I have been flight simming since the early 1990's and also an airline captain for a major cargo carrier in the U.S.A.  I was always looking for the best system I could get. I always thought that it was well out of my reach until I came across Jetline Systems. Those great guys at Jetline put together a system for me that was out of this world! All that I ever wanted and so much more. They really live up to their motto Hard core systems for hard core pilots! This system is top of the line and as an airline pilot, I have to say, this system they built is as real as it gets! My dreams of the best system for FS2004 came true and yours can too 100% all the way! Thank you Jetline, I am grateful for a lifetime to you guys for the system that you put together for me!!! Your friend and fellow flight simmer, Blue Skies.