Bob L.
Louisiana, USA
I am one who seldom writes testimonials, but I feel compelled to write one in this case. I purchased my Jetline computer about 2 to 3 years ago after doing a lot of research. They helped me design a computer that was optimum for my needs and fit my budget, and they helped me get it up and running after the delivery to my home, many states away. During the past several years, I have flown with it almost daily. However, I recently began to have problems with it and called them, expecting that they recommend a new computer. But after a number of diagnostics that Ken preformed on it, they determined that my problems weren't hardware related, but rather some problems with files seeming to conflict with each other and they recommended re-installing Windows. Ken talked me through the process, was very patient, and things are working much better now. I can't be more pleased with the purchase, and the Service after the sale.... something not often found these days. Thanks Ken.. your help is appreciated. And to future buyers, you will get a great product and you will also get great service from Jetline.