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    Robert M.
    Jetline Systems built me a computer based upon the Gravity GT2. Through conversations with Ken and Greg, Jetline customized the build for me, resulting in an incredible computer that is perfect for my use in P3D flight simulation. The Jetline customer service is high above the rest, both Ken and Greg are very knowledgeable, friendly and customer oriented, and have a thorough understanding of the needs of the flight sim user. I highly recommend selecting Jetline to build your next computer....
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    David B.
    Phoenix, AZ
    I ordered a compter system in 2012 and recently had issues with it running due to my mishandling of add-ons and more. I wrote to see if someone could help and Todd spent 2 hours with me by remote computer access and fixed everything!!! To have a company care enough about me to help free of charge 5 years after I bought the computer is remarkable!! Than you Todd for your help and thank you Jetline Systems for your integrity and support!!...
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    Paul M.
    Toronto, Ontario
    I purchased 2 computers from Jetline systems for my life size 777 cockpit. From the very first phone call with Ken and Greg its has been nothing but ongoing support for the last year and a half. Not only are they professional and good at what they do, they are also good friends and always willing to help you with whatever you need. If you are new to the sim world and need honest and proper guidance, look no further then jetline systems...they are simply the best!! thanks Greg and Ken!!...
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    Jesse C.
    San Antonio, Texas
    This has been the most enjoyable and satisfying computer buying experience I have ever had. In fact, this went well beyond a computer purchase. Truly a pleasure to work with these guys. They are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about flight simulation and fun to talk with. If you are even considering a computer purchase for flight simulation, do yourself a favor and at least talk to them. They are very adept at guiding you through the process and the myriad decisions that will enhance your flight sim experience. And, do read all of the information on their web site. They deliver all of that and much more, nothing hidden “between the lines” in their statements. Greg Sanderson personally responded to my first email inquiry in only a few minutes. After giving him a basic idea of my plans we set up a convenient time for a phone call to discuss the details. He thoroughly and...
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    Paul G.
    Long Island NY
    Jetline built me the perfect system for P3D. I get incredible framerates using a 40" UHDTV. The graphics are stunning. The staff there did an awesome job of loading the software, configuring it and optimizing it for P3D. They know these programs and addons, so they know all the tricks to properly load say FSX or P3D and have it run perfectly without errors and crashes. I will always use Jetline Simulations from now on and hope you check them out as well....
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    Michael B, M.D.
    La Jolla, California
    This is the best computer company with which I have ever dealt. I can't praise enough their willingness to provide help for questions of all nature. I would definitely recommend their product....
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    Jim F.
    Lubbock, Texas
    First of all, I've had several computers to run FSX but none have even come close to my new Gravity GT2 from Jetline Systems! Greg and Ken are true professionals and have helped me several times in setting up my specific needs. They reflect the true professionalism of Jetline Systems. If anyone wants the best computer to run FSX or P3D, they have the best in the industry bar none!!! I appreciate their willingness to help me! Thanks again Ken and Greg! You truly are professional!!!!...
  • Larry L.
    Chicago, IL
    I have now had 3 computers for Flight simming. I started with an Alienware desktop. It was decent, but not fast enough. I then spent $5K and had one hand built with 2 Nvidia 1080's. It was good... but I was looking for great. The problem with this pc was it wasn't built specifically for flight sim. The reason I need such a high end machine is that I sim in Virtual Reality exclusively. I have no interest in simming without my Oculus Rift. If you haven't tried it... you are missing out. So I called Greg at Jetline and told them what I was looking for. Greg built me a custom build that was actually cheaper than my last pc. And the results were unbelievable. I have much higher frame rates and very smooth flying in highly concentrated areas. Just yesterday I was trying to land a small cessna in Humboldt County. It was nightime, pouring rain, loud as hell thunder (spatial audio) and the plane...
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    Rick V.
    Southern California
    Five years ago I purchased my first computer from Jetline, and after receiving it, I called it a masterpiece of fine art. After purchasing my second computer from them, my only comment I could make is that it is a symphony of perfection. The Jetline guys, Greg, Ken and Paul, really know what they're doing. If you need a computer, don't hesitate to contact them and take their advice. They will build exactly what will fit your needs for a great flight sim experience....
  • Scott M.
    Houston, TX
    Back in May I ordered a gravity mini pc to take on the road with me as I'm a trucker with a lot of free time on my hands. Needless to say I'm very impressed with the level of personal service you get with the guys over at Jetline Systems. My motherboard ended up frying on me when I was on vacation over at Oshkosh and Ken was kind enough to over night a new part to a local pc shop where it got installed the next day at no charge. I'm a very happy customer and will be buying from Jetline again. Thank you guys so much....
  • Jeff B.
    Central Valley, CA
    I have to give major kudos to the Jetline support staff. I ordered my system and didn't get turned on for a couple years because I was building a house, etc etc. Well that caused the onboard battery , the one on the motherboard, to die and well that became an issue when I finally did start it up. The good news is that the Jetline support staff helped me get back to running again. Although the two different techs did chastise me slightly, it was ok, I had it coming. No harm done. I understand that it must be frustrating answering the same mundane questions, but they really were quite patient with me and I really appreciate that. Now I'm ready for my next build, this one won't take as long, but Jetline will most assuredly be the brain of the build. Thank you again....
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    Loren H.
    I just ordered my 3rd system from Jetline . I use Jetline to build my systems because their workmanship quality and customer care are 2nd to none. I also like the fact they are assembled in the USA. I could not be happier with Jetline!...
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    Jose H.
    Middletown, NY
    What can be said about Jetline Systems ? Well for starters my highest gratitude and thanks to Ken and Greg for building the best and awesome flight simulator PC System in 2016. I highly recommend anybody in the flight simulator world to go jetline systems and talk to best team in flight simulation professionals they will answer any question or doubt that you have when building the best pc that a person or company can use for flight simulator. Jetline systems has dedicated time when it come to there support services . I am very pleased to be respected as a customer and get customer services and support that anybody can ask . they will take there time to listen to all your question and concern you have . So i leave this common in the best interest for those who are thinking ? who will build the best pc system for my flight simulator the answer is easy just go........... JETLINE SYSTEMS...
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    Chuck B.
    Gurnee, IL
    Count me on the list of very satisfied repeat customers. Approximately 5 years ago I contacted Jetline Systems. I wanted a computer that would finally run FSX to the max. After speaking with Greg and Ken, they shipped me a computer that ran FSX the best I personally had ever experienced. That computer was the best system I had ever owned. Approximately 2 years ago, I contacted Greg again, stated that I wanted to upgrade my computer. He made some suggestions. I sent the computer back to him and he returned it. With a new video card and other minor tweaks, the computer ran even better than before. Fast forward to a month ago. I like to get a new computer every 4/5 years just to keep up with new advances in hardware etc. Called Greg and Ken and they suggested another system that would get even more out of FSX and now P3D. After several phone calls where they patiently answered my...
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    Mike F.
    Carmel, NY
    I've had my Jetline system for about 3 weeks now and it is simply the best pc I've ever had. I made my order over the phone with Greg and he helped me pick all the components one by one. When it arrived, it was ready to fly. I've been using flight simulator for about 15 years from FS 2000. (mostly using prepar3d now) and it was always a frustration to get it to run well. With Jetline, it runs as smooth as silk. Looks fantastic! This pc is a monster! Greg and Ken really know how to build a flight sim system. Their support is second to none, and with jetconnect they can remotely connect to your pc and solve issues within minutes. I wish I knew about Jetline years ago. I won't buy another pc from anyone else. Thanks Greg and Ken!!...
  • Tim I.
    Bend, OR
    I bought a Jetline Systems computer in 2010. It has been the best computer I have ever bought, period. I decided to call Jetline Systems to see about possibly getting a new computer because mine was about 5 years old. I'm not sure who I spoke with but every question I had was answered and the suggestion was to hold off for a while still and just re-install windows. This would help get my current computer running great again. Instead of Jetline trying to sell me a computer, which would benefit them, they encouraged me to wait. AMAZING! Then when I realized I lost my copy of my windows 7 install disc I contacted Jetline Systems again. They answered my e-mail quickly and in one day Greg had a copy of my windows operating system being sent to me, which saved me more money. This company is FANTASTIC!. They make amazing flight sim computers and there customer service is the BEST I HAVE SEEN!!...
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    Ryan M.
    The Bahamas
    Boy oh Boy, I couldn't wait to write this testimonial mainly because it was the testimonials of other customers on this site that finalized my decision on buying a computer from Jetline Systems. First of all let me thank Ken for his support through the whole process. Customer service is lacking in so many places but GREAT customer service is extremely hard to find that's what i found at Jetline Systems. Now lets get right down to it! The computer, first of all it was built right then and there. Just 2 hours after my payment i received notice from Ken that it was build and the bench testing had began. Just like they say they bench test it, break your simulator in (Unfortunately) lol by doing hours of flights for stability reasons. After about 3-4 days of bench testing and sim testing Ken sent another email that it was ready to ship! I received my PC in west palm beach Florida where it...
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    Skip P.
    Appleton, WI
    What can I say that has not already been said about this great company? The many positive, "glowing" upbeat accolades speak volumes about how really fantastic this company produces its products and performs its day to day operations. But it does not end there, because the most important part of any offered product is not just the guidance to choose the right goods but then to support them after the sale … and on this point this company excels as well! My lack of knowledge on the technical side of computing systems and my limited skills in that field caused me to be very suspicious and quite careful as I tried to decide on a company that was going to meet my needs for a computer that would "blow me away" and be able to (after so many years of the "love / hate" frustrations with FSX) "turn things up" to the maximum and add some supplementary software to improve my FSX experience. Let me...
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    Joe C.
    Statesboro, GA
    I have to say after 10+ years of flight simming and spending lots of money to "enjoy the gotta have" stuff..I wish I had found Jetline much earlier. I had the add-on aircraft, scenery, and REX2 installed and this system has performed flawlessly. Jetline I SALUTE you!!...
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    Bob L.
    Louisiana, USA
    I am one who seldom writes testimonials, but I feel compelled to write one in this case. I purchased my Jetline computer about 2 to 3 years ago after doing a lot of research. They helped me design a computer that was optimum for my needs and fit my budget, and they helped me get it up and running after the delivery to my home, many states away. During the past several years, I have flown with it almost daily. However, I recently began to have problems with it and called them, expecting that they recommend a new computer. But after a number of diagnostics that Ken preformed on it, they determined that my problems weren't hardware related, but rather some problems with files seeming to conflict with each other and they recommended re-installing Windows. Ken talked me through the process, was very patient, and things are working much better now. I can't be more pleased with the purchase,...
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    CPJ J.
    Illinois, USA
    I have been an avid flight simulation enthusiast since 1985. I still have my MSFS ver 2 user manual with me. Back in 1999 I started building out my 737 simulator. I am in my third generation of the appliance today with a 14 foot diameter widescreen, triple projection system, image warping, with 90% of the systems modeled and enhanced haptics and feedback control. I had persisted with FS9 because my earlier attempts at FSX had resulted in less than a satisfying experience. I called Jetline in the third week of May to inquire about my need. I spoke with Ken McElheran. It was a conversation that I will remember for a while. It was more about my need and what I wanted to do with the PC than Jetline wanting to make the sale quickly. I got a quote from Ken the very next hour. I took a week or so to make up my mind on what configuration I needed and finally the PC arrived last week. All of us...
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    Charles B.
    Illinois, USA
    I have been a flight simmer for a number of years and always searched but never found the system that would run FSX at it's maximum potential. I personally only have enough computer savvy to get in trouble so building my own system or tweaking one was out of the question. Needing a new system, I saw the Jetline advertisements and gave them a call. Over the course of a short time I spoke with both Greg and ken who were absolutely a pleasure to work with. I explained what I wanted and the budget I had to work with and they built me a system. It was delivered in a few weeks and it came installed with FSX, REX and Ground Environment. First time I fired it up I was in awe. I finally had a system that could run FSX with the sliders maxed out and absolutely no stuttering in the dense areas. With the add ons, it looked as good as it was going to get. I have now had my Jetline system for...
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    Hugh J.
    Albuquerque, NM
    It's been over a year since I got my HellFire system from Jetline. I felt compelled to again comment on it. High Performance Rig you call it. Well, its been nothing short of that since the day I plugged it in. Hasn't skipped a beat and continues to deliver the kind of speed that you know you always wanted and now you have it. Looks like its longevity will be amazing too! Thanks again Jetline....
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    Rick V.
    California, USA
    I have purchased quite a few high end computers--my last being an Alienware Extreme Edition. I thought that was very fast, but when Greg and Ken configured a Jetline System for me I was incredibly surprised. The load times for FSX on my Alienware was 8-9 minutes including REX. The load time on my Jetline is about 36 seconds. The only words I can use to describe the quailty of the computer is a masterpiece of fine art. If you want a computer that will run FSX the way it should be, call Jetline now and don't look back.....
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    Jim L.
    Clermont, FL
    Before I purchased this system I called Jetline and they kindly arranged for me to see a demo of FSX running on one of their machines. I was very impressed with the performance. I also met two very knowledgeable and nice guys, Greg and Ken, who patiently answered all my questions and assured me that the computer they would build for me would not disappoint me. With the i7 2600K, EVGA GTX 560 Ti, and 8GB of 1866 memory it runs FSX with UTX, GEXNA, FEX and many add-ons with ease. I fly a lot over New York City and vicinity with the frames locked at 30, and landing at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Intl, it bottoms out at 25- 26. The graphics are smooth and crisp. I could not be more satisfied with this computer, and I am confident that should I ever need support Greg and Ken will also not disappoint. These two guys love what they do, who could be a better choice to build a computer for a...
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    Steve T.
    Mukilteo, WA
    I have enjoyed my Jetline Systems HellFire GTO since December of 2010. I wanted a system with the ability to have some muscle to crunch pixels. This computer does it to exceed my expectations. I am not a very experienced PC owner/operator. However, I knew that if I ever wanted to have some processing power, I would need to incorporate some substantial system tweaks to get me to a decent level of FSX performance. I was able to map out my proposed system build on the website and then contact Jetline Systems for additional guidance to meet my present expectations and have some room for growth. The final product is a dream machine for my needs. I have added Orbx PNW + PFJ and most recently REX2. I am very satisfied with my purchase and post delivery support for my inquiries....
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    Norm S.
    Miami Beach, FL
    Once upon a time in the age of tail fins and lots of chrome if you owned a Cadillac automobile you were said to have "made it baby". The "Caddy" was king. In it's time that car was widely accepted as the benchmark for automobile prestige and performance. Well I never owned a Caddy but I do own a brand new fully loaded Jetline Hellfire GTX!!!. This beautiful beast of a machine boasts tons of power to run MS FSX with the pedal to the metal and then some. I too am a real pilot and a long time flight simmer and I have been through several high end gaming machines running several versions of Microsoft's FS. I thought my last custom gaming machine, which shallremain nameless, almost came close to making the grade but still often left me idling on the ramp with Nicks tattered FS tweak guide on my lap, trying endless combinations of graphic and memory settings and moving the "sliders" up and...
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    Pierre S.
    Maryland, USA
    If the name of the game is customer service, than look no further. My Jetline Systems computer has done everything I could have asked it to do, and I know that the next time I'm looking for a hard core PC, I will come back to them. That is not even the best part. More than a year after my purchase, Mr. Sanderson and his team are still helping me overclock my system and optimizing it. Try getting that with Alienware. I've tried Alienware, HP and Jetline when it comes to high-end PC's, and Jetline Systems has by far the best FS PC and most importantly, top of the line customer service that is so hard to find these days. I highly recommend Jetline....
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    Luis L.
    Colorado, USA
    Four years ago Microsoft released FSX with some incredible screen shots that turned out to be impossible to simulate with thecomputer systems that were available beck then. I stuck to FS2004 until this year when I saw a link to Jetline Systems of FlightSim.com. I saw the specs on the HellFire GTX and was amazed at the possibilities. I emailed questions to Greg Sanderson, who was very quick to respond and very helpful. I went ahead and ordered it with all the goods. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been in FSX heaven! I run add-ons like Active Sky Evolution, Ultimate Traffic 2, AES 2.08, PMDG 747, Captain Sim 757/767, and Wilco 737 & Ejets, plus a slew of sceneries. With most sliders maxed out and additional display options checked, my FPS never fall below 25 in busy areas in the U.S.and Europe. In less dense regions like Latin America, my FPS fluctuate between 100 and 200! Everything...
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    Dwane M.
    Boynton Beach, FL
    This is the first review I have written for any product I've purchased over the years. In the last 7 or 8 years I've had 2 high end computers built to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. On both of them I spared no expense. What I found with both of them, it was not enough computer to run flight sim and my add-ons. So I decided to try one more company. I researched for weeks on the web and in flight sim magazines, I finally decided on Jetline Systems on the west coast of Florida (best move I've ever made). I talked to Greg one of the owners about the equipment I have (Precision Flight Control Cirrus II, Fly Engravity CDU and Aerosoft MCP) and could he build me a system that could run everything smoothly. His answer to me was let me research it before I give you an answer. If only the other 2 companies would have done the same thing. Greg got back to me in a day or two with his answer, not a...
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    Dave A.
    Camas, WA
    All I can say is WOW! My computer cannot be from this world :) I am still amazed of what is actually running on this machine with regard to FS addon's and not even a glimpse of a stutter? As an example, I have added 13 addon sceneries with AES compatibility not to mention a couple Megacity and Megascenery addons. FS Global 2008, FLight 1 ATR, Wilco Airbus, PMDG 737, DA Fokker 100, 737PIC, MAP by Feelthere, FS Passengers, Live ATC chatter, Reality XP WX500, FS2Crew for PMDG, ATR, AIRBUS and 737 Voice Commander, Shockwave Lights, Wilco E170/190, ASV6.5 Weather Engine, Eagle Dynamics KA-50 Helicopter (Russian), 757 Captain, Traffic 2005, and with the exception of only flying one plane at a time (I know it's hard) all of the above (tool) addon's are usually running at the same time! Oh yeah, the sliders are just about maxed in every category because the FPS are supposed to be between 25-30....
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    John A.
    Alberta, Canada
    I started flight simming when FSX came out. My Core 2 Duo 2.66, 4MB RAM, and Radeon X1650 handled FSX moderately well but once I began buying add-ons things went down hill. I just couldn't resist some of the great aircraft from A2A Accu Sim, PMDG, Captain Sim, and Coronado. Also got hooked on the amazing scenery coming from Orbx. By then my system was really struggling and the flight simming experience was becoming very frustrating. I don't enjoy computers per se, just the fun things they can do, so choosing components and building my own rig was not an option. Using the interactive system design process on their website, with advice and answers from Ken, I settled on a variation of their HellFire GTO. Jetline built and tested my rig (including several hours of FSX flight testing) very quickly and shipped it to my home in Alberta, Canada. Their packaging was extremely well done and...
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    Randy B.
    Westminster, CO
    I have been the owner of a computer cable business for thirty years and the qualities one needs are; expertise and good personal customer service. Jetline has both. I don't have to tell you how frustrating it is when you fowl your flight simulator up with some new tweek or program which won't load. I just did that and my Learjet locked up before I got to the runway. A friend of mine recommended Jetline to me. I sent an email explaining my problem and Greg sent back a simple message asking if I could explain a bit more on what I did he would help. I called the service department and got Ken, who took over my machine and fixed it within minutes. I offered to pay and he said no. The following week I called back with another problem, and again Ken fixed it and again I offered to pay and he said no. I wanted to make this short. The bottom line is if you have any reservations about buying one...
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    Jerry J.
    Snyder, TX
    I have been using MS Flight Simulator for over 15 years. The problem since day one was finding a computer that would run the program smoothly and realistically. Having been a pilot, I want realism in the aircraft, textures and weather. A full overcast day generated by an add-on weather program can stop almost any computer system. I originally purchased off the shelf gaming computers only to be disappointed with their performance. I started building my own computers using the fastest products on the market. I spent a lot of money on high end video cards, dual SLI systems and 0 Raid setups with only average performance using MSFS. When FSX came available I tried it but put it away due to performance problems.I saw a Jetline ad and visited the website. After reading the Performance Guide, I understood why the systems I had built only performed marginally with MSFS. I ordered a system and...
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    Bob L.
    New Orleans, LA
    I have been dreaming for years about getting a computer that would perform and deliver the visuals you only see advertised about in the magazines.. Well Ken and Greg delivered one here. It is better than I expected, and I can't believe I waited this long to get one. They helped me design it and delivered what they promised. Other than the product, the service after the sale has been outstanding.. I have NEVER received such outstanding service. Thank you Ken and Greg. So, call them today and let them design and build the system of your dreams!...
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    Capt Steve C. 727-100/200C
    Glenolden, PA
    I have been flight simming since the early 1990's and also an airline captain for a major cargo carrier in the U.S.A.  I was always looking for the best system I could get. I always thought that it was well out of my reach until I came across Jetline Systems. Those great guys at Jetline put together a system for me that was out of this world! All that I ever wanted and so much more. They really live up to their motto Hard core systems for hard core pilots! This system is top of the line and as an airline pilot, I have to say, this system they built is as real as it gets! My dreams of the best system for FS2004 came true and yours can too 100% all the way! Thank you Jetline, I am grateful for a lifetime to you guys for the system that you put together for me!!! Your friend and fellow flight simmer, Blue Skies....
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    Hugh J.
    Albuquerque, NM
    I received my HellFire GT safe and sound via Fedex. It was everything you said it would be and more. Power, performance and reliability all packed together in one system. The graphics settings on Ultra combined with a frame rate of 60 FPS locked, lets you enjoy all that FS9 and your add-on's have to offer. A special thanks to Greg for helping me design a system that fit my needs and my pocketbook. Is this as real as it get's? You bet it is...thanks to Jetline Systems!...
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    Mark J.
    Rohnert Park, CA
    After unpleasant experiences with another high end computer company, I paid the restock fee, sent the unit back and built my own machine which I've been very happy with for the last two and a half years. Against my better judgement, I decided to take a chance with Jetline to manage my next upgrade as I move to FSX..... best decision I ever made! Computer came double packed which precluded any damage coming from Florida to California (not the case with my last supplier). The unit was expertly constructed and has run perfectly without any problems. It was also nice to see that they had already made many tweaks that I would have had to spend a few hours doing. Support has been excellent for the few questions I've had and I expect that to continue. Jetline Systems - highly recommended....