DUO Flight Panel M20J Analogue



Learn from the right partner. Side-by-side flight training on an analogue flight panel

Flight Panel. Twin seat. General Aviation. Single engine.

A reliable flight panel simulator that offers a realistic experience both for VFR and IFR flights and guarantees an easy and fast unboxing.

The result is a solid, compact, easy-to-use flight training aid. Simulated airplane: Mooney Bravo M20J.

Minimum requirements:
Computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator installed, suitable for versions FS2004 (9), FSX (10) and Prepar3D, with conventional network data input. RJ45 (LAN).
Power outlet 110-230 vac, 50 – 60 Hz.

Recommendable requirements:
Flight controls: 2 x Yoke + 1 complete set (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture) and 2 rudder pedals.

Other specifications:
Transport not included. Applicable fees or duties not included.

FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D v1 v2 v3.

Product Description:
Weight: 25 Kg.
Sizing: 50cm. (Height) X 22cm. (Length) X 132cm. (Width)

Lights Panel: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav., Strobe, Recogn. Panel lights.
Fuel panel: Fuel tank selector left engine: off, left, both, left aux., left main and right main. Fuel tank selector right engine: off, right, both, right aux., left main, right main.
Ignition panel: Master alternator for left and right engine, master battery, master avionics, five positions ignition key for left and right engine.
Switches: stby. vac., alt. static air, fuel pump for left and right engine, pitot heat, prop sync., cowl flaps for left and right engine, flaps switch, parking break, clock timer, speed brake, carburetor heat for left & right engine.
Indicators: airspeed, attitude, QNH, VOR1, Gyro/HSI, heading, VOR2, ADF, engine, temperature and pressure parameters.
Radiostack: audio panel, autopilot, comm1/nav1, comm2/nav2, DME, ADF, Transponder.
Other: Elevator, rudder and aileron trim compensator wheels, landing gear lever.


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