Norm S.
Miami Beach, FL
Once upon a time in the age of tail fins and lots of chrome if you owned a Cadillac automobile you were said to have "made it baby". The "Caddy" was king. In it's time that car was widely accepted as the benchmark for automobile prestige and performance. Well I never owned a Caddy but I do own a brand new fully loaded Jetline Hellfire GTX!!!. This beautiful beast of a machine boasts tons of power to run MS FSX with the pedal to the metal and then some. I too am a real pilot and a long time flight simmer and I have been through several high end gaming machines running several versions of Microsoft's FS. I thought my last custom gaming machine, which shallremain nameless, almost came close to making the grade but still often left me idling on the ramp with Nicks tattered FS tweak guide on my lap, trying endless combinations of graphic and memory settings and moving the "sliders" up and down and hoping to stop the stutters and squeeze out a few extra frame rates. Those days are gone. Thanks to Greg at Jetline and his expert knowledge and assistance I am now logging lots of stutter free, high frame rate flights using FSX Gold in my new Hellfire GTX. It doesn't have any chrome, tail fins or air conditioning but it does have these incredibly effective but quiet cooling fans. This machine also happily accommodates some of my favorite add-ons such as Active Sky and MYTraffic plus numerous scenery enhancements. I am now experiencing FPS well into the 100+ FPS at altitude and over open water and with decent and stutter free FPS in dense areas. Withaverage 30+ FPS overall this machine does everything I hoped it would and more. ALL SLIDERS MAXED OUT..   I also have to give huge kudos to the great customer service and support I received from Greg. He patiently and professionally answered all my technical questions as well as troubleshooting a problem (My Bad) with an external back up hard drive that caused a start up problem. In closing, if you are looking for the best Flight Sim machine and customer support to match, look no further than Jetline for your next flight computer. You made it baby!!! The new benchmark has arrived..