Dave A.
Camas, WA
All I can say is WOW! My computer cannot be from this world :) I am still amazed of what is actually running on this machine with regard to FS addon's and not even a glimpse of a stutter? As an example, I have added 13 addon sceneries with AES compatibility not to mention a couple Megacity and Megascenery addons. FS Global 2008, FLight 1 ATR, Wilco Airbus, PMDG 737, DA Fokker 100, 737PIC, MAP by Feelthere, FS Passengers, Live ATC chatter, Reality XP WX500, FS2Crew for PMDG, ATR, AIRBUS and 737 Voice Commander, Shockwave Lights, Wilco E170/190, ASV6.5 Weather Engine, Eagle Dynamics KA-50 Helicopter (Russian), 757 Captain, Traffic 2005, and with the exception of only flying one plane at a time (I know it's hard) all of the above (tool) addon's are usually running at the same time! Oh yeah, the sliders are just about maxed in every category because the FPS are supposed to be between 25-30. This is not hype this is reality! All I can say is that if you really are a flight simmer and have the addiction of making it AS REAL AS IT GETS, you know who you are! Then you have found the perfect computer and outstanding folks to get you there. When I called Jetline to inquire about a computer and was put on hold for about a minute and half becasuse Greg the owner was on a flight from Tampa to Palm bay testing various computer components, that was a no brainer!!! Greg and team, THANK YOU again and look forward to doing business with you down the road.